Cyber Snapshot at Life - by Carly

Most of us spend excessive time on the internet.  However, most of my time is spent on one website, Pinterest!  This nifty little website offers a sneak peak at all the things I like, whether it is clothes, recipes, or quotes.  Every night over Christmas break my mom, sister, and I all sit in our basement with iPhones or laptops in hand, and we explore the different pages of this spectacular site!  For those of you not familiar with Pinterest, it is like a virtual bulletin board that allows you to “pin” things you find on the internet or “repin” other things pinned by people onto different boards.  The site sorts pins in all kinds of categories, from weddings to humor.  My favorite pins are about fashion, workouts, home décor, and wedding plans.  For me, it is like window shopping and future planning all in one!  Another cool thing, is that you can follow your friends on Pinterest, see what they pin, and then repin their posts on your own boards.  My mom is by far the follower who repins the most!  Let me show you some of my most recent pins…

Fun necklace charms that represent different organic compounds—I’m a biochemistry major, so I think these are pretty awesome!

Blueberry, coconut breakfast cookies!  They’re vegan too!

The cutest puppy I’ve ever seen!  It is a cockalier spaniel (Cocker Spaniel, Cavalier King Charles, and Poodle)!

My DREAM closet!

Sperry boots that I wish were in my closet right now!

And finally some encouraging words to bring in the New Year!

Pinterest is full of all kinds of things for everyone.  Whatever you are looking for, guaranteed it is on Pinterest.  Whenever I want a new recipe or a craft to do, Pinterest is there to offer some ideas.  If you don’t have a Pinterest, then I encourage you to sign up!  It offers endless hours of entertainment.  If you already have a Pinterest, look me up!  All of my pins paint a picture of what my dream home looks like, crafts for a rainy day, an exquisite wardrobe, and recipes to warm your belly.  Pinterest is there to offer all kinds of inspiration to celebrate the start to a brand new year!  Happy Pinning!

Carly Henry is a college freshman at Elizabethtown College in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania majoring in biochemistry with a minor is business. Originally from York, Pennsylvania, Carly was a participant in the Distinguished Young Women program and was selected as the Distinguished Young Woman of Pennsylvania for 2012. Learn more about Carly here!